The Inner Critic

One of the biggest blocks to Just Getting On With The Writing (JGOWTW) is the inner critic.  You know; that voice in the back of your head that tells you what you’ve written is no good. Sometimes it starts before you have put the words onto the paper, perhaps before you have begun to type them, maybe even while the words are going through your head on the way to your fingers.

The best way I have found of getting past that is just that: to go past it.  You tell your inner critic that you aren’t actually writing, as such – just doing a bit of typing.  You get a lot of words onto paper in the full knowledge that most of them will be the wrong words, will be incoherent, ill-chosen, incomprehensible.  And then you go back and fix them later.

Surprisingly, when you come back to your incoherent Draft Zero a few weeks later, more often not you find that it’s not half as bad as you think.  And the bits that are?   That’s why we have word processors and not manual typewriters.  Delete, and replace.  Eventually you get to the final draft…

…if you know when to stop.  But that’s a whole other blog entry!

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