stays at Sunday Writer!  I’ve had a couple of questions about what happens at the workshop so here is a quick summary.

First of all, it’s nothing like school!  You won’t be asked to read out what you’ve written or to let anyone else read it.  What happens at Sunday Writer stays at Sunday Writer!  There will be friendly people there and you’ll have time to chat over a coffee if you like, but really the emphasis of the day is on writing – on getting words down on paper.

So it is an ideal environment if you already have a project on the go: you will go home at the end of the day with a chunk of words added to your project.  If you have an idea for a project but haven’t yet made a start, you will make that start and, again, go home with some word count under your metaphorical belt.  And if you just have a vague idea you want to write but you haven’t yet made a start… come along and start!

There are writing exercises, approximately once an hour.  The idea is to try different techniques that will help you get Draft Zero down on paper – our motto is, the words don’t have to be good yet (that’s what Draft One is for) but they DO have to be written.  And then we will have a break when you can just write.

There will be coffee and tea available all day, as well as biscuits.  But I have had some feedback that people find the day rather expensive if lunch is included and would prefer to make their own arrangements.  So I’m pleased to say I’ve made some tickets available on Eventbrite here for only £30 (plus booking fee) if you are happy to make your own arrangements for lunch.  Come along!

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