Update on the summer writing course

Thanks to all the people who signed up to write a (bad!) novel draft in six weeks. We’re concentrating on on quantity, not quality – giving ourselves permission to write badly, getting the words down on paper in the sure and certain hope that we’ll fix any problems in the next draft.

There’s still time to join in, but we’re having some problems with catching new joiners up with the emails that have already gone out (it’s strictly a “one email a day” course). If you sign up now, you’ll get a regular email every day, but the batch of emails that went out before you joined will come all at once, and I’ll stop doing that altogether at the weekend.  You can still jump in at any point, but you won’t get the back story.

So – sign up now, if you were still wondering!

3 thoughts on “Update on the summer writing course

  1. Hi Wendy. I’m loving the summer writing course. I wondered if you have a follow-up planned to take us beyond Draft Zero? Thanks again for providing this course.


    1. Thanks Sue! Yes, of course. There will be three ways of following up. One would be to come along to the regular Sunday Writer courses in Crosspool once a month for a day of writing exercises and coffee. The other would be an individually tailored follow up (by email and either meetings or facetime/skype). And there will be a Draft One email course starting in September but there will be a small charge for this: details to follow.


      1. Hi Wendy. That all sounds great. It depends what day of the week for the Crosspool group as, outside of summer hols, I work most days 😦 However, I’m sure one of those options at least will work for me. Thanks again.


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