The Inner Critic

One of the biggest blocks to Just Getting On With The Writing (JGOWTW) is the inner critic.  You know; that voice in the back of your head that tells you what you’ve written is no good. Sometimes it starts before you have put the words onto the paper, perhaps before you have begun to type them, maybe even while the words are going through your head on the way to your fingers.

The best way I have found of getting past that is just that: to go past it.  You tell your inner critic that you aren’t actually writing, as such – just doing a bit of typing.  You get a lot of words onto paper in the full knowledge that most of them will be the wrong words, will be incoherent, ill-chosen, incomprehensible.  And then you go back and fix them later.

Surprisingly, when you come back to your incoherent Draft Zero a few weeks later, more often not you find that it’s not half as bad as you think.  And the bits that are?   That’s why we have word processors and not manual typewriters.  Delete, and replace.  Eventually you get to the final draft…

…if you know when to stop.  But that’s a whole other blog entry!

Draft One

Tickets are on sale now for the next Sunday Writer event, on Sunday 18th March.  Kickstart your creativity with a day of writing exercises, free writing time, and coffee shop drinks and snacks.  You will be welcome whether you are a beginner or a more experienced writer, and you are welcome to attend whether or not you have attended the Draft Zero workshop first.  Bring your laptop and your favourite pen and give it a go.

Tickets are £45 and are available from Eventbrite here

Writing workshop in February

“I always wish for a cafe of just writers and no annoying people” (K Tempest Bradford)

Now that wish can come true: on Sunday 4th February Sundaywriter is taking over the Nest coffee shop in Crosspool.  Come and spend a day writing in a coffee shop where there’s the same background buzz you get from writing in public, but everyone else is a writer too.  No annoying people, and drinks and snacks on tap.

The workshop is called Draft Zero.  Why Draft Zero?  Because it will be all about the tricks we sometimes have to play on our subconscious in order to get the words down on paper.  The best writing advice I ever received was “Don’t think about it as ‘writing’, think about it as ‘doing a bit of typing'”.  We will be doing a LOT of “bits of typing” over the course of the day, so bring your laptop, but we will be doing other writing exercises too – bring your favourite pen.

Draft Zero is the draft you write before you want anyone else to see what you’ve written, the one where you’re just trying out your typing fingers, wondering whether any human being can actually write 80,000 words.  The draft that will turn out to be a random collection of scenes that you will need to rearrange and fix up – but later, when you write Draft One.

We will be doing writing exercises regularly throughout the day, with free writing and coffee drinking time in between.  You can arrive and leave when you like, and of course the writing exercises aren’t like school exercises – you can join in if they sound helpful, or carry on with your own writing if that seems to you like a better use of your time.

Tickets are £45 all inclusive and can be bought from eventbrite or you can email to arrange paypal or other payment methods.

Bookmark or follow this page for details of other workshops later in the year – look out for Draft One, in March!


Sunday writing class

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be running a Sunday writing class “Draft Zero” next month. It will be on Sunday 4th February at the Nest coffee shop (20 Sandygate Road Sheffield S10 5NH)

The day will consist of writing exercises (bring your laptop and your favourite pen!) interspersed with free writing time in a small friendly coffee shop (otherwise closed to the public for the day). There will be coffee and snacks on tap and included in the price.

Tickets are available here, or contact me on for further details.


Sunday Writer

Hi. My name is Wendy Bradley and I’m a writer… and it took me several years of therapy to be able to write that. But why should it be such a big step to call yourself “a writer”? Does the thought of it make you clench your neck muscles and your voice come out strange? I think I can help you with that!

I’ve been developing ways of tricking my subconscious out of that mindset. You know, that one where you go: “ooh, I’m Writing! No, not that word. No, not that one either. No, none of those words are any good. No, you need to write a perfect first sentence before you write a second sentence. No that’s not perfect either. No. Nope. No.” Recognise the feeling?

Well be a Sunday Writer instead. Sunday writers just do a bit of typing, odds and ends, when they feel like it. Sunday Writers can write a bad sentence and still feel proud that they’ve written a baaaaaad sentence – at least it has words, some of them in the right order! Sunday Writers get words down: we can fix them later if we have to.